Why You Need Start Letting Go

Why Do We Choose To Stay In Relationships Where There's No Respect? Having a loving and committed relationship is dependent on the essential ingredient of respect. Too many times I've either made compromises personally or listened to a friend recount their tale of disrespect in their relationship. So why is it so hard to let… Continue reading Why You Need Start Letting Go


Why Courtesy Is No Longer Common

Extending courtesy takes a special kind of grace. Being gracious leads to being courteous. If we expect others to treat us with courtesy, then we too must be committed to doing the same. How can we expect the next generation to exude tolerance when we haven't even mastered the art of extending courtesy and grace? 

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The Friendship Collective

Friendship can't be limited or defined in a simple definition. The art of curating a true friendship is more than just having a mutual affection for another person. True friendship entails acceptance, kindness, respect, and an abiding willingness to support someone, even if you don't agree with their choices. So how does one cultivate a collective of real friends in this digital age of so-called "friends" and "followers" on social media etc.?